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White Crane Buddhist Fist Tutorials – Subscriber only content

The Shan Men Shaolin Bai He Chan Quan is the main form of the system of the same name. This form is taught in three parts as listed below. Jian Bu Quan – “Sword Step Fist”, this form gets its name from the pattern of the foot work that draws a sword on the ground during […]


Long Xing Quan – The Dragon Fist of Kung Fu

Of all of the animal styles the dragon is the only animal that does not come from the physical world. The dragon is a creature of the Chinese psyche, a creature of perception and imagination. For this reason the dragon represents the spiritual world and its affect upon the physical. The dragon symbolises power. It […]


Unauthorised Shaolin Walkthroughs

Welcome to 2012 and the start of the training year. At the end of last year, in class, we had a discussion about putting some form walkthroughs online for members. Well here they are! These clips are completely unedited so sometimes I do go off on strange tangents but the correction follows so not too […]



Shan Men Shaolin Gong Fu Curriculum Below is a full overview of our curriculum outlining the major forms of all levels as well as all of the other required knowledge and themes to progress through the Shan Men system. We are creating reference pages for each form including information about the form, a reference video […]


Shaolin Form: Wu Xing Ba Fa Quan

Wu Xing Ba Fa Quan (Eight Laws of the Five Animals Boxing) Wu Xing Ba Fa Quan teaches the concepts and foundations of Shaolin Five Animal Gong Fu. The interaction of the Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Snake and Dragon give this form its character. This form teaches the student how to seemingly change personality to change […]


The Enigmatic Crane – part two

Over time many different styles of Crane have evolved and as with any other martial systems, styles have been created as others have died out. Thankfully there have been those Masters who have taken their original practice and evolved new styles for us to explore. One such teacher was my Crane teacher, Shifu De Chuan. […]


The Enigmatic Crane part one

In the world of martial arts one animal style has managed to be both widely revered and rarely practised. The animal style of Bai He Quan, the White Crane Fist, is considered to be the foundation of many of the modern systems of Kung Fu as well as for Okinawan Karate. The Crane style is […]


The Snake Fist

Of all the animals in the world of martial arts the snake seems, perhaps, to be the least ‘human’. After all, the snake has no arms or legs, has scales, is cold blooded and slithers on the ground. It even kills its prey with venom or cruel strangulation. It is this difference to humanity that […]


The Leopard Fist

Bao Quan In Shaolin Gong Fu there is one animal style that is unmatched in its power and ferocity. This style is so confronting in its application that many practitioners mistakenly believe that the style has no real internal development and is inherently violent. This style is Bao Xing Quan – the Leopard Imitation Fist. […]


The Tiger Fist

In the world of Kung fu the tiger is considered to be the ‘king of animals’. Tiger Style Gong Fu (Hu Xing Quan) originated in Southern China and was assimilated into the Wu Xing Quan of Bai Yu Feng at Shaolin Temple. Later Shaolin developed its own variation known as Hei Hu Quan, Black Tiger […]